Senior Managing Director

Caryn Kealey has worked in the corporate real estate services industry since the turn of the century, as a project manager and as a team lead. During this time she worked for clients such as Sun Microsystems, EDS, The Four Seasons, and Bank of America. Caryn's areas of expertise are tenant improvement projects, as well as office and computer lab relocations. She excels at building relationships with clients and service providers, and has impeccable communication skills, which are a great help when it comes to working in occupied space. Wordsmithing brings Caryn great joy. Her favorite work-related task, though, is process improvement.

In 2012, Caryn's job description at The CRE Group expanded to include photography, shooting photos of projects, as well as employee head shots.

When she is not working, Caryn spends as much time as possible driving at tire squealing speeds on racetracks, pushing and pulling heavy things, climbing man-made cliffs and crags, collecting stamps in her passport, and searching out culinary adventures.